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    Liam Gibson


    ISA Certified Arborist®​​​

    Licensed Manitoba Arborist®​​​

    Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

    Emergency First Aid, CPR A & AED

    WHMIS Training



    ISA Certified Arborist®​​​ 


    Climber In Training

    ISA Certified Arborist®​​​

    MB Certified Arborist®​​​

    Masters of Landscape Architecture


    Climber In Training 

    MB Certified Arborist®​​​​​​

    BSC in Environmental Studies (Wildlife Management)

    Emergency First Aid, CPR A & AED

    WHMIS Training


    Climber In Training

    Team Inspiration




    MB Certified Arborist®​​​

    Diploma in Business Administration

    Emergency First Aid, CPR A & AED

    WHMIS Training

  • Our Services

    Tree Removal

    Every tree has an expiry date..

    We are committed to preserving Winnipeg's urban forest. However, situations arise when a tree must be removed. It is important to recognize that trees can become hazardous when diseased, damaged by insects, planted incorrectly, pruned improperly, damaged by construction, ravaged by mother nature, or simply nearing the end of their life.

    We have experience felling massive trees accurately, as well as removing trees that require complicated rigging scenarios. Safety is always our top priority when handling the more dangerous aspects of our work.

    Tree Climbing & Technical Rigging

    What we're made of..

    We get excited about our job because we often get to climb your trees! Vehicle access is never an issue because we deploy climbers rather than bucket trucks. This makes our reach limitless. We don't shy away from climbing massive trees in difficult locations for tree pruning or tree removal. When the dropzone below is scattered with breakables and obstacles, we create a unique rigging plan to lower sections of wood to safety using the latest tree climbing gear and rigging equipment to orchestrate our work. We're proud to say that highly trained and well-educated climbing arborists are the backbone of our operations.

    Tree Pruning

    Pruning executed with you and your trees in mind..

    The arborist's goal is to achieve healthy, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing trees, through careful execution of well-documented pruning techniques. For example, we understand that trees and branches growing into and over top of your home can be a stressful situation. We provide complete solutions that will not only achieve your pruning goals but will also allow for a speedy recovery after surgery. Pruning is truly a work of art that requires years of practice, observation, and ongoing education and we understand that. When properly executed, a variety of benefits are derived from pruning your trees. On the other hand, improper pruning can cause lifelong damage to a tree.

    Stump Grinding

    Setting the stage for a new project..

    Stump grinding fast forwards the natural process of wood decay and leaves you with a mound of loose soil and wood chips. In fact, it's an ideal way to set the stage for a new planting site. Some of the common reasons for having a tree stump ground down include: removing a tripping hazard or obstacle from the landscape, covering the area with grass seed or planting a new tree or shrub. Our unique stump grinder can squeeze through tight back yard gates, and power through massive stumps.

    Wood Chipping

    Recycling and reusing the wood we cut..

    With the mindset of working with nature, rather than against it, we provide solutions for responsibly processing and recycling the wood we cut. Chipping on site is simply the most effective method of managing invasive insects and reducing the spread of tree disease. Also, remember that Elm & Ash wood of all species must be chipped on site as our fragile urban forest now faces two major threats, Dutch Elm Disease & the invasive Emerald Ash Borer.

    Another service we provide is chipping branches from trees you have cut yourself. For your best price, simply stack the branches you've cut into small neat piles. Ensure the cut ends are all facing the same direction and the piles are near the front curb or back lane where they can easily be dragged to the chipper.

    Mulch Delivery & Spreading

    An organic powerhouse for your landscape..

    Our mulch is the answer to low maintenance success throughout your landscape. We're always producing nutrient-rich mulch. It's the natural end product of our work. Arborist mulch spread at a depth of 2-4 inches will absorb and hold rainwater, releasing it slowly to the soil below. Additionally, as the organic mulch breaks down, it increases nutrient cycling and improves the soil profile. Adequately watered soil that is nutrient-rich will result in optimal plant health. If you want to water less and consistently provide your trees and shrubs with the nutrients they crave, then mulch is your answer. We're happy to discuss mulch delivery and spreading options for your landscape.

    Tree Planting

    Measure twice plant once..

    When it comes to planting, think species selection, planting location and perfect planting. By far the best way to protect your trees and your wallet is to select an appropriate tree species that will thrive in a chosen location. Pair that advice with perfect planting techniques and you will have a flourishing investment growing in your yard. We have learned that when it comes to tree planting, a little extra planning and education can go a long way. We'll work with you from start to finish ensuring your new tree is well protected and set up for success. We'll take care of everything from selecting a high-quality tree, planting the tree perfectly, tree support, tree protection, mulching and a care plan.

    Tree Risk Assessment

    An educated Opinion..

    To enjoy the beauty of having trees growing throughout your property, you must be willing to accept a certain level of risk. Just about every tree has some level of risk associated with it's growing presence. Risk can differ greatly from one tree to the next, even from one inspector's opinion to the next. It is advisable to seek out the professional opinion of several qualified arborists. ISA certified arborist Liam Gibson has completed the Integrated Tree Risk Assessment module with Arboriculture Canada and would be glad to help you identify, understand and mitigate any unacceptable level of tree risk on your property. *Emerald Ash Borer Beetles pose a serious cause for concern and fairly immediate risk management is advisable. Infested Ash trees become structurally unstable as the functional xylem of the tree is destroyed by beetle activity. We can help you inventory and understand the tree species growing on your property during your free in-yard estimate.*

    Arborist / Tree Preservation Report

    Preserve trees, get rewarded..

    Depending on your construction project, you may be required to provide a tree preservation report to the city of Winnipeg if trees on public or private land are being impacted by your project. The arborist report identifies trees to preserve and protect, proposed tree removals, and outlines specific tree protection methods and treatments before, during and after construction on a site. This document is now required for most construction projects, but did you know that for each healthy mature tree over 2.5 inches diameter at breast height (DBH) preserved on site, the owner shall receive credit against the amount of landscaping material otherwise required by the city of Winnipeg Planning, Property and Development Department. 

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  •  Liam Gibson

    ISA Certified Arborist®​​


    Liam Gibson

    Manitoba Certified Arborist®​​​

    License #: 20172333

    University of Manitoba Department of Agriculture



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